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Debut 45 of outer space band LES ROBOTS

Why should we limit ourselves to just earthly delights? Right! We shouldn’t. An outer space formation has found our planet and indulged itself in the earthling’s 60’s treasures of instrumental rock-n-roll and surf sounds. Due to maintenance on the intergalactic express way they arrived over fifty years late on earth, yet here they are: Les Robots! [APPLAUSE]



“Do The Robot! / One Way Ticket To The Moon” by Les Robots will be pressed in a batch of 300 numbered copies on 7″ vinyl.

Pre-order: from Monday October 8. Release date: Friday November 17.

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New release: NEW VOGUE!

We are hyped to tell you the following: We’ve got another new release coming out! It’s “Birdcage (Slap Yourself Free) / Space Junk” by Montreal garage punk / post-punk outfit NEW VOGUE. Believe us when we say New Vogue is the new addiction that’ll spread like wildfire through your veins and hits you in a way that’ll make all the cells in your body scream for more, more, more.

As per our first two releases it’ll be pressed in a batch of 300 numbered copies on black 7” 45rpm vinyl. Pre-order starts on Monday September 10. Release on Friday October 12.

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Spazz Records at Left Of The Dial

On October 19 and 20 our home town Rotterdam will be turned into a showcase festival named Left Of The Dial, named after the song by The Replacements. In the words of the organisation: “Left Of The Dial offers an exciting cross-section of the best (post) punk, garage, shoegaze and noise rock of this moment”. 48 bands will play at the festival in several locations.

We are very pleased that the organisation has offered us to host a “Spazz Out!” at Left Of The Dial on one of the most insane locations of the festival. A small red light ship at the Wijnhaven (Wine harbor) named V11 will be ours to sink on Friday October 19. The following bands will perform: Les Robots (outer space), J.C. Thomaz & The Missing Slippers (NL) and Pig Frenzy (NL). With the presentation of these bands we have two exciting announcements to make (well, we are excited about it):

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LA TRINIDAD debut 7-inch on Spazz Records

We at Spazz are very proud to announce our second release. It will be the debut 7-inch of La Trinidad: “Las Venas” / “Ay, Tus Ojos”. Two songs that are taken from their excellent digitally released “El Peligro” EP. The 45 will be released on Friday September 21

La Trinidad are a garage-punk-pop formation from Málaga in Spain that sings in their native tongue. La Trinidad is the name of the old working-class neighborhood of Málaga. Their influences? The period that marks the end of the totalitarian regime of general Franco to the transition into the democracy in Spain. From the subversive poets of that era to the ultra-violent and sex driven Quinqui film movement that took place during that time.

Their songs are insanely catchy; think of your favorite summer pop songs and then you’ll find out that the lyrics are intelligent, intoxicating and ridden with black humor. A sound that’s influenced by the likes of Ty Segall, Iggy & The Stooges and Spanish bands like Biznaga, Futuro Terror and Parálisis Permanente.

The 45 will be released in a batch of 300 copies only. They will be available for pre-order starting on Monday August 13. Get your copy soon!

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PIG FRENZY – I Don’t Need You / Oral Moral 7″

Out Now! Limited to 300 numbered copies on black 45 rpm 7″ vinyl

We at Spazz are proud to announce our first 7 inch release: Pig Frenzy – I Don’t Need You / Oral Moral. This Rotterdam (NL) four piece met up to start a post-punk band, but gloriously failed. What came out was a raw mixture of garage, punk and surf served with vulcanic violence. An eruption of musical perversity and fury.

Release date: September 7.


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Spazz Records presents

Spazz Records is a new independent record label from Rotterdam, Netherlands. On September 7th their first release will be available. Their first signing is the new band, Pig Frenzy, also from Rotterdam. The release is accompanied by a party that embraces both the launch of the new label and the release of Pig Frenzy.

The label Spazz Records is an initiative of music fanatics from Rotterdam. Both have been sharing a love for 7″ vinyl singles for years. Last February they decided to release records themselves in this format. The label has a strong preference for rock ‘n’ roll music. From garage, surf, punk rock and dirty indie to rhythm & blues, both national and international. All releases will be available in a limited edition of 300 copies.

The first release is the Rotterdam garage punk formation Pig Frenzy. On May 30th, Pig Frenzy released its first EP on cassette. From this EP, “I Do not Need You” and “Oral Moral” are being released on 7″ black vinyl. Pig Frenzy is: Timo (vocals), Micha (guitar), Amber (bass) and Lukas on drums. Their sound is a mix of garage rock with punk, post-punk and surf influences.

On the evening of September 7th this release will be celebrated in Rotterdam with a live performance of Pig Frenzy and the launch of Spazz Records.
Support will be given by the Amsterdam synth-pop act Karel (NL), the first ever performance of Brussels based lo-fi synth punk band Cry (BE) and hardcore punk band SFD (NL) from Eindhoven. Pig Frenzy will be the headliner and the Spazz DJ Team finishes off.

Location: Poortgebouw, Stieltjesstraat 38, Rotterdam, Netherlands
There is no entrance fee, but a donation to the door is highly appreciated.

Several releases are scheduled in the coming months, including from Spain and Canada. We will keep you informed and updated.

Pig Frenzy upcoming dates:
Juli 19th, Bar 3, Rotterdam
Juli 21st, Submarine Festival, The Hague
Juli 31st, Music City, Antwerp