LA TRINIDAD debut 7-inch on Spazz Records

We at Spazz are very proud to announce our second release. It will be the debut 7-inch of La Trinidad: “Las Venas” / “Ay, Tus Ojos”. Two songs that are taken from their excellent digitally released “El Peligro” EP. The 45 will be released on Friday September 21

La Trinidad are a garage-punk-pop formation from Málaga in Spain that sings in their native tongue. La Trinidad is the name of the old working-class neighborhood of Málaga. Their influences? The period that marks the end of the totalitarian regime of general Franco to the transition into the democracy in Spain. From the subversive poets of that era to the ultra-violent and sex driven Quinqui film movement that took place during that time.

Their songs are insanely catchy; think of your favorite summer pop songs and then you’ll find out that the lyrics are intelligent, intoxicating and ridden with black humor. A sound that’s influenced by the likes of Ty Segall, Iggy & The Stooges and Spanish bands like Biznaga, Futuro Terror and Parálisis Permanente.

The 45 will be released in a batch of 300 copies only. They will be available for pre-order starting on Monday August 13. Get your copy soon!