Rats On Rafts misprints

[UPDATE 23-10-2019] All bad copies have been removed from stock and are being replaced by the pressing plant by tomorrow. Single is for sale again! Thanks for waiting!

[orginal message] Unfortunate news came to us. There are copies around of the new 7″ by Rats On Rafts that have off-centre holes making the single unplayable. F!%^! We are very sorry to hear this.

We will be checking our stock in the next couple of days to estimate how many misprints we have and work out a sollution ASAP. If you have placed an order online you have already received an e-mail from us.

In case you got a copy at the presentation last Saturday at Left Of The Dial, please do contact us. Bad or good copy. If you know anyone who might have gotten a copy last night, please ask them to get in touch with us.

Our apologies for the inconvenience!