Dyatlov will release first album

The time is now. We will release the self titled album by Dyatlov, which will be available from April 5th. During their brief existence they’ve transformed into a toxic breed of synth-punk, noise and psychedelic brutality. Expect 12 inches of depravement that’ll leave you permanently damaged and baffled with the classic Windows error sound echoing in your skull. Sounds appealing? Pre-orders start at March 20.

But first; check out their single and video clip tomorrow. They will be available through Youtube and Spotify (and other streaming platforms). Album will be available online from the 20th.

Release party on April 29 at Worm. Together with Filmmaker and more to be announced.

Spotify pre-save ‘Rubble’
‘Rubble’ videoclip on Youtube (from March 14, 08.00h CET/GMT+01)

DYATLOV: Linkpage / Instagram / Bandcamp