Spazz Records at Left Of The Dial
October 19, 2018

Live: Pig Frenzy, Les Robots, J.C. Thomaz & The Missing Slippers
Location: V11, Wijnhaven 101, Rotterdam

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On October 19 and 20 Rotterdam will be turned into a showcase festival named Left of the Dial Festival 2018, named after the song by The Replacements. In the words of the organization: “Left Of The Dial offers an exciting cross-section of the best (post) punk, garage, shoegaze and noise rock of this moment”. 48 bands will play at the festival in several locations.

We at Spazz Records are very pleased that the organization has offered us to host a “Spazz Out!” at Left Of The Dial. The festival gave us one of the most insane locations of the festival. A small red light ship at the Wijnhaven (Wine harbor) named Vessel 11 (a.k.a. V11) will be ours to sink on Friday October 19. The following bands will take the stage: Les Robots (outer space), J.C. Thomaz & The Missing Slippers (NL) and Pig Frenzy (NL).

Time table
19.50: J.C. Thomaz & The Missing Slippers
21.30: Les Robots
23.10: Pig Frenzy

This line up is part of the official Left of the Dial Rotterdam program. Tickets are available through the festival’s website and will grant you access to the full line up of the festival. No separate tickets are available to see just this program.

Pig Frenzy
This Rotterdam garage post-punk formation Pig Frenzy is already gaining quite some notoriety for their explosive live shows. Anti (f.k.a. Jimmy) wrote the following about the band: “…the group’s hectic, frenetic, herk-and-jerk punk perversity is completely lacking in decency, while easily making it up sheer antagonistic fervor.”

Les Robots
Les Robots are four programmed robots from outer space playing spooky instrumental rock’n’roll. It is unknown who programmed these bots, but what we can tell you is that the programmer does have a soft spot for these mental earthlings like Joe Meek, The Ventures, Takeshi Terrauchi, Booker T. & The MG’s, Link Wray, The Shadows and those composers of 60’s cinema soundtracks.

J.C. Thomaz & The Missing Slippers
Don’t be fooled by that name, they’re not missing slippers, they’re not wearing any. They are into losing minds, money and basically anything that isn’t strapped onto them. You can trust them with the following: they will drink all your beer and they will deliver a wild gig with a punk attitude. Their bio pretty much sums it up: “Sounds like The Cramps meets Robert Johnson in an acid tripdown the crossroads.”

Left Of The Dial: Website / Instagram / Facebook
Les Robots: Bandcamp / Facebook
J.C. Thomaz & The Missing Slippers: Website / Bandcamp / Facebook
Pig Frenzy: Bandcamp / Instagram / Facebook