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Rats On Rafts misprints

[UPDATE 23-10-2019] All bad copies have been removed from stock and are being replaced by the pressing plant by tomorrow. Single is for sale again! Thanks for waiting!

[orginal message] Unfortunate news came to us. There are copies around of the new 7″ by Rats On Rafts that have off-centre holes making the single unplayable. F!%^! We are very sorry to hear this.

We will be checking our stock in the next couple of days to estimate how many misprints we have and work out a sollution ASAP. If you have placed an order online you have already received an e-mail from us.

In case you got a copy at the presentation last Saturday at Left Of The Dial, please do contact us. Bad or good copy. If you know anyone who might have gotten a copy last night, please ask them to get in touch with us.

Our apologies for the inconvenience!

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New Release

Listen up! We’ve got a release coming up, and it’s one of the finest things The Netherlands has got to offer. RATS ON RAFTS! This quartet hailing from our home town Rotterdam has crafted another mental 45 that has a dark-edged post-punk punch and captures the madness of Hazlewood’s “Some Velvet Morning”.

“Where Is My Dream? / Meggy” by Rats On Rafts will be available on 7″ from October 19, and will be presented at Rotterdam showcase festival Left Of The Dial on the same date.

Same deal as before, 300 numbered copies only. Pre-order starts on October 7 via our website.

Rats On Rafts: Website / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Bandcamp / Spotify

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The Fascinating World of Les Robots

Are you ready to explore a new world? Are you ready to explore the world of Les Robots? Are you? Coming up on Friday the 13th of September: “The Fascinating World Of Les Robots”. The first album of this otherworldly instrumental menace. An album that tingles the minds of sci-fi geeks, that arouses the space age nostalgics, an album that subjugates anyone that comes in contact with it.

“The Fascinating World Of Les Robots” by Les Robots will be pressed in a batch of 300 hand numbered copies on 12″ vinyl.

Pre-order starts: Monday September 2nd.
Release date: Friday September 13th.

Release party: Saturday October 12th, Live: Les Robots + The Colour Collection, at Rotown, Rotterdam.

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Release of The Kryng rescheduled.

Due to a misapprehension at the pressing plant we are forced to reschedule the release of “You Were On My Mind / Another Love” by The Kryng. At the moment we have to move the date up to April 12. We are terribly sorry for the delay and we thank you for your patience.

As of now the pre-order has been extended and the records will be shipped as soon as they get in. Hopefully before April 12.

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Coming soon: THE KRYNG!

Mark ten Hoor, Peter Kroes, Arjan Spies, altogether The Kryng! You might’ve heard of them, in fact last year alone they put out one album and three 7″s. Perhaps you know these guys from other formations: Combo Koedijk, The Kik, Les Robots, The Keefmen, The No-Goods and many more. If this doesn’t ring a bell yet, take this from us: This garage-rockin’ trio presents a bitter sweet slab of beat on your turntable. Two hot tracks that melt your insides in sheer desire on black 7-inch vinyl.

“You Were On My Mind / Another Love” // PRE-ORDER: From Monday MARCH 4 // Release date: MARCH 22.

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The return of LES ROBOTS

Remember those retro-futuristic robots from outer space? That crazy love-baby of Joe Meek, Les Yper-Sound and Terry Terauchi? Well, they’ve done it again. We’re pushing out another 45 of Les Robots. This 7” will be a run-up to their first album, which we will release later this year. For now; two new songs, and we must admit, they are K-I-L-L-E-R!

“Big Trouble In Outer Space / Whiskas Watusi” // PRE-ORDER: From Monday JAN. 21, 2019 // Release date: FEBRUARY 22, 2019.

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