Website and cookies
The website of Spazz Records does contain some cookies to maintain the functionality of the website. And there are some cookies provided by a third-party Bandcamp that provides the website with music players. For more information please check the privacy policy of Bandcamp.

Personal information
Spazz Records will only use your personal information to make sure orders will go to the right locations. Your order details and personal information will be stored for a maximum of 6 years in case any inquiries about the specific orders are being made by the customer or tax authorities.

Our shop uses the WooCommerce add-on for WordPress. Personal information that is provided to us to ship your order will not be available to WooCommerce. The Spazz Records website is equipped with SSL-encryption to ensure safe online payments. Read WooCommerce privacy policy.

Online payments are handled through PayPal or Mollie (iDeal) upon buyer’s request. Both services may require some personal details to make the transactions. Please view their privacy policies of PayPal or Mollie.

Address details will be shared with postal service PostNL to handle the shipping to a specific location. Check privacy statement of PostNL.

Most of our mailings/mailing lists are handled via Mailchimp. Mailchimp acts as a processor on behalf of Spazz Records. Mailchimp may use some data to improve their services. In e-mails sent via Mailchimp some cookies and tracking technologies are attached to provide us with statistic about mail reads and clicks. For more information please have a look at Mailchimp’s privacy policy.