Les Robots – Big Trouble in Outer Space / Whiskas Watusi


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7-inch, 45RPM, mono, black vinyl // Limited to 300 numbered copies

Remember those retro-futuristic robots from outer space? That crazy love-baby of Joe Meek, Les Yper-Sound and Terry Terauchi? Well, they’ve done it again. We’re pushing out another 45 of Les Robots. This 7” will be a run-up to their first album, which we will release later this year. For now; two new songs, and we must admit, they are K-I-L-L-E-R!

Les Robots is the alien outfit of programmed bots. It consists of mechanic writers duo D.V.R. and R-John and live-assets Pete-R and C.A.S.E. When we heard their first songs “Do The Robot!” and “One Way Ticket To The Moon” we could not resist to throw it on a 45! So we did (still available by the way!). Now the second one is on the way, before the first one sunk in. A batch of 300 copies will be pressed on 7” vinyl.

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