Birdcage (Slap Yourself Free) / Space Junk
by New Vogue

SPAZZ3 // 7-inch, 45RPM, black vinyl // Limited to 300 numbered copies
Release date: October 12, 2018


New Vogue is the project of Max and Chance (ex-Sonic Avenues). On May 17 they released a first set of new tracks as New Vogue on a self-titled album cassette. All songs written, recorded and produced by Max and Chance under the influence of Talking Heads, The Fall and Swell Maps. Mastered by Mikey Young. Critics took a like in New Vogue; Steve Adamyk wrote in Razorcake: “The Songs are upbeat and punchy, but lean on a post-punk vibe and rawness that can’t be ignored.” And D.I.Y. rock’n’roll reviewer on YouTube Anti, formerly known as Jimmy, wrote about the tape on his channel: “New Vogue is sheer chaos contained in a compact cassette, a duplicitous undertaking that regularly falters between ethereal, summery vibes and a new-wave punk intensity…”. When we heard these recordings ourself we went totally spazz! The songs “Birdcage (Slap Yourself Free)” and “Space Junk” of this album will be pressed on vinyl.

New Vogue: Bandcamp / Facebook