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Cat nr. Artist Title Format Release date Available PPD Audio
SPAZZ12 Dyatlov Wound Man 7" vinyl 01-MAR-2021 YES € 4,00 Listen
SPAZZ11 Forbidden Wizards Reheated Cabbage 10" vinyl 04-APR-2020 YES € 8,00 Listen
SPAZZ9 Rats On Rafts Where Is My Dream? / Meggy 7" vinyl 19-OCT-2019 YES € 4,75 Listen
SPAZZ10 Les Robots The Fascinating World Of Les Robots 12" vinyl 13-SEP-2019 SOLD OUT! € 8,25 Listen
SPAZZ8 The Kryng You Were On My Mind / Another Love 7" vinyl 22-MAR-2019 YES € 4,00 Listen
SPAZZ7 Les Robots Big Trouble In Outer Space / Whiskas Watusi 7" vinyl 22-FEB-2019 YES € 4,00 Listen
SPAZZ6 J'ai Peur des Crabes Cocobongo / City Walls 7" vinyl 25-JAN-2019 YES € 4,00 Listen
SPAZZ5 The Ghetto Blasters Hot Rocks / Too Loose 7" vinyl 15-DEC-2018 YES € 4,00 Listen
SPAZZ4 Les Robots Do The Robot! / One Way Ticket To The Moon 7" vinyl 17-NOV-2018 YES € 4,00 Listen
SPAZZ3 New Vogue Birdcage (Slap Yourself Free) / Space Junk 7" vinyl 12-OCT-2018 YES € 4,00 Listen
SPAZZ2 La Trinidad Las Venas / Ay, Tus Ojos 7" vinyl 21-SEP-2018 YES € 4,00 Listen
SPAZZ1 Pig Frenzy I Don't Need You / Oral Moral 7" vinyl 07-SEP-2018 LAST COPIES € 4,00 Listen